Friday, July 11, 2008

My Quilt

My mom is making me a quilt.

I couldn't wait - I had to show it. It is the green and purple with masks on the brown bed spread.

My mom had been going to "quilters", what she calls the group, for about a year now or so. She never made anything. Just learned different stitches and how to make a quilt. But, didn't think she could afford to actually make one. Little known fact - quilting is a very expensive hobby.

Last year, my dad told her to just go out and buy the stuff and make a quilt. And, she did. She has been working on this one for almost a year. I think she was originally going to be making a baby quilt, but with no real prospect of grand children, she changed it to a quilt for me.

And, I am just tickled.

And proud.

Way to go mom! (I'll be getting it this Christmas. It is probably going into a quilting show first.)

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