Thursday, February 19, 2009

Random Thoughts, Plugs, Etc.

So tonight is another wonderful night of Soul Samurai! Tonight is a little more special for me because the Nosedive crew will be in full effect. We are having a small get together afterwards as our benefit "season" starts off. So, if you happen to be coming tonight and did not get a chance to buy the awesome Nosedive ticket - you can still stick around for the afterparty with your favorite little monkeys and some of the cast and crew of the show...for a marginal cost. (You can get your Soul Samurai tickets here.)

Also speaking of Nosedive and benefit season, we have a very tasty treat - especially for the boys in the house (holler!), Nosedive's Disturbing Burlesque on March 11th at Under St. Mark's, around 10pmish. Hosted by one of the greatest and disturbing minds I know, Bastard Keith. Should be two hoots (did you get the joke?) and a whole lot of holler!

So, random thoughts......hmmmmmm.

I'm on my loose 10lbs kick right now. I have lost 5 so far. I find that I work a lot more efficiently on smaller meals and that has been my only choice seeing I go from the "joe job" to the theatre to home to bed (or sewing/laundry) every night pretty much. But, with the show, more frequent eating, but smaller meals, I'm finally getting rid of that extra 10lbs I put on last year. Ahhhhh. Oh, I could really use a burger though...mmmmm.

When I do get downtime, I tend to do a lot of thinking. It's like my brain wakes up while my body stays still. Been doing a lot of that.

I was having a wonderful meal (great Mexican food) by myself when I overheard 2 people talking the about theatre, and this big shot and that, and this audition and this show and how this person is awful to work with, etc. And, then thought to myself, 'gosh, do we sound that insipid when we talk shop?'

I've had 2 minor family/friend health issues: both are doing fine now. I was so releaved to hear of such life threatening things happening and both making it out of the woods. I definitely needed that. However, a woman I met a couple of years ago lost her battle with cancer. I think this is that section of my life where people I knew, etc. getting sick, dying, out of the woods, terminally ill. Then I thought - and this is kind of shocking seeing as I always comment on how old I am - this can't be, I'm too young.

I have been telling myself the day job, the "9 to 5" is just a day job. I can do this. It's just a job. I've put in my calendar "Put in 2 weeks", for January 2011, if I am still at this job. I know, it's far off, but at least it is light at the end of the tunnel. I can do this for 2 more years if I have to.

Alright kittens....back to your life.


Froggeh said...

That is one badass looking monkey samurai...

Teresa said...

An end date is an end date! That helps me get through, too, knowing there's an end date to something like a job I hate. Kudos for actually putting that on your calendar!