Friday, May 15, 2009

So Many Drafts, So Little Posts

I just have to say, life definitely cranked up a notch.

I went from going to the 9 to 5, then going to a show, movie, home, what have you, back into the craziness of theatre. Again.

Don't get me wrong - I love it. It gets really overwhelming when it all descends at once. And, even though I was having some time off recently, I was still in a 6 hour stage combat class weekly. That kicked my ass. Literally.

Hence, why I have not been blogging as much. Also, I have been suffering from some major writer's block. As the title implores - started a lot of posts, just never got to them.

I had a post on Augusto Boal, but after almost a week of not finishing it, I realized it will just go to that draft folder in the sky. I also had a post on Stone Soup's show "What Happens to Women Here" (which was very good and big congrats to that crew and Ben Trawick-Smith for putting together an intelligent and enjoyable show.) I am also in the process of writing a short post on my Wilmington, NC trip, which will probably be mostly pics - I rode a friggin' mechanical bull people.

So, I just decided to update this short little post about veins. That's right veins. Probably because I just finished sending off ideas for blood effects on an upcoming show (more to follow on that- if time permits). But, here goes.

Let's go back a few weeks - right after my prior post of crawling out of the grave (I probably didn't have swine flu - I basically had pneumonia - maybe it was a more general Suidae flu prior to the pneumonia.)

I have started to go back to the gym, a habit that I had not followed for about 3 weeks and it was slow going. The first time back, I just decided to use the hot tub after over doing it in Rapid Vamps fight class. However, a few days later, I did a few laps in the pool, then hot tub, then went to the Eucalyptus Room. A sauna that uses Eucalyptus oils along with the heat. You are also provided a spray bottle to add a little extra oil. After having trouble breathing for a few days, this room sounded like a great idea. Just lay back, relax, and breathe some really calming and healing air.

The room is lit by red lights - probably where some of the heat is generated. It definitely gives the feeling that you are sitting under the sun. With my eyes closed, I felt like I might actually be getting a tan.

This day, since I didn't have as much time as I liked, I decided to just run in, sit down, breathe some good air, then run out. No real relaxing and pseudo tanning.

Got my towels all placed on the wood slats, had a sit down and just focused on a spot right in front of me. As I was bringing in my focus, I noticed something on my arms. I thought maybe my bathing suit, which is black, may have been bleeding for some odd reason. I brought my focus to my arms and realized - this wasn't on top of my skin, this was underneath my skin. I could see almost all of my veins. The big ones were noticeable first - a ghostly blue, then the smaller ones were running from one to another to another. I looked at my legs - oh my gosh - there are veins all over my legs too.

I know I have veins. I know that I can see the majority of them. But, this was like seeing them, almost pulsing. Like in "Interview With A Vampire", or a lot of vampire type genre movies - they went from not being semi -seen, to all looking at a medial text book.

I did start to think - was this because I was so sick? Was this a reaction to the medicine?

I put 2 and 2 together and blamed it on the red lights and the fact that I am so ridiculously pale right now. Gone are the days of going outside as soon as it warmed up to soak in the sun, due to theatre activities and the danger of sun over-exposure. However, it was really fun to think for a second that something biological had changed due to the illness or medication. Or maybe I was just turning into a vampire. Another guy walked in so, I tired to casually look over to see if I could see his veins. Nope. OK, so not Vampire, but I was just a very pale girl with very blue blood that day.

Or maybe this is just the start of my super powers?

Since then, my veins have just been normal. Which is good, seeing how busy I am getting. Could you imagine? Getting some weird vampire virus or super powers now? I have enough on my plate, thank you.

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Robin said...

i'm with you. i don't have the time for a vampire disease either; however, i might go for some type of super power.
enjoyed your post. :)