Thursday, July 23, 2009



No posts since June?

Where have I been? Have you missed me? I've missed me.

Tuesday night after our last show, I was having a celebratory drink at the ever popular Alligator lounge when I just let myself relax and bend from the waist, head down and let out a large SIGH. To this my friends said - Aw, you've had a hard week. I replied - it's been a hard month.

But, these are the kind of problems we WANT to have, right?

Let me catch you up.

The beginning of June, the much anticipated, "Infectious Opportunity" went up in the Brick's Anti-Depressant festival. Probably one of the smoothest tech to 1st performance Nosedive has ever had and we only had 4 hours in the space for our "tech". I was highly impressed with our actors, our set designers and our people. On no money (about a grand, but really, who does that anymore), we were able to put together a clean and amazing show. All of our work was done in-house and we succeeded in working with our set a week before we went into the space. And, all the actors in this piece were just top notch. Amazing, talented, natural, good comic timing, I could go on. What a great group of people. The first 2 shows were well received and we couldn't wait to do the other 2.

First two shows down, now we have 3 weeks off. Well, my crew does - I do not. I then go into consulting on blood effects for "Twin Towers", by Damian Wampler. I was only able to instruct and tell them what to do. I was not able to make the items and instruct them on how to do create the effects on stage. I went to their dress rehearsal and was really impressed that they figured things out on their own. I went to see the show and of course, this was the night when everything with my effects could go wrong did. I was able to make the effects for them for the last show and I heard it went great.

Also during this time I got a call from Dave Gilbert who asked me to come back and "revive" my character in Blackwell Convergence, his video game series. Funny enough, my character died in the last version and I was coming back as a ghost. He also asked me to do another character since I was there. I really enjoy doing voices and voice over work. Pretty much as exciting as getting on stage. You can get the game here:

Now, it was time for me to start work on "Fight Girl, Battle World" as an ASM and Sound Board Op and gear up for the next two performances of "Infectious Opportunity" and we got extended for 2 more performances 3 more weeks after that. Oh, and the New York Innovative Theatre Awards was coming up on the deadline for all submissions to the Outstanding Stage Manager Award. How could it be that all these things were happening at once? Oh well, definitely manageable. Wait, just wait.

"Hey Steph, Ronika can't do her roles in the extension and no one else is free. Would you like to take on her roles?"

"Sure, yeah!" I say.

Frack Me....

To be continued.......

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