Tuesday, March 15, 2011

And it begins...again...While you were in....

My blog has been getting quite a bit of attention from spam. From this, I realized either I needed to shut this down or try and re-connect with my writing here.

What to write, what to write, what to write....

So, I decided to shut this down. OK. I mean, this blog stared out as one thing, I tried something else, I didn't want it to be this to be a wasteland of emotions. So I tried to post more stories, make this a place to share experiences. Then, my life got personal.

And I got busy. And on that note.

I get this a lot. "Steph, you are so busy. You are always doing something." My answer is usually a vibrant yes, things are going well. A "Uh-Huh"with an emphasis on the "Uh". Or, it is the "Uh-huh" with the notes going down on the "Huh". The too busy with good things, but boy I could use a break.

I am beginning to do a big purge and found some old papers for a corporate media company that I used to work for where I wrote a monthly column called "While You Were In". A column where I wrote about my "alter" life, nothing fancy, just that I went out did things other than just go home to a family or a glowie TV. Where, I went out to concerts and shows that were either main stream or independent. From my first column of the Flaming Lips Headphone Tour to my meeting of Kurt Vonnegut at a Barnes and Noble reading. I enjoyed writing them, I enjoyed the reception I got from them and I enjoyed when people would say my articles got people out doing things.

I hope my blog is at times a place where I do go back to my stories of life, but for now....here you are...the first....While You Were In

Whedonistas! at Way Station

It's Monday night in my neighborhood and I had the opportunity to see readings from a new book of Joss Whedon fans at my new neighborhood bar, The Way Station. "Whedonistas! A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon by the Women Who Love Them" (coming out today, Tuesday, March 15).

First, I do have a bias regarding this event, my friend Teresa Jusino had written an essay in the book and organized the event, so my going was two fold, someone I knew and it was in my neighborhood.

The evening, for me is best described as running into an old friend on a random street and talking about a significant time frame that only the two of you would know. Then find yourself thinking, wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one.

All the writers who got up to read their excerpts of their essays from the book talked about their love for Joss Whedon in their way, and how they had not discovered Joss's work until late in the Buffy/Angel/Firefly fandom. Which I was one of those fans. Coming in late to the game. And, how they were brought to his work not by happenstance, but because a significant other, roommate, good friend was so immersed in the shows.

They reminded me of a love for a writer that I visit on multiple occasions. In fact, at this point in time, I am finally making my way through Angel. A series I could not get through due to a certain actress that, well couldn't stand to watch her act (sorry Charisma). I am powering through and looking forward to the episodes I have seen and really like.

This of course inspired me to think about my story about my run in with Joss, my short essay if you will, starts with a night where me and my husband at the time came home from work or an early night in and turned on the TV on a random Tuesday night. We had cable and of course, nothing seemed to be on. We happened upon an episode of Buffy in Season 4, their first year of college (I believe it was "The Freshman"). We of course recognized this TV show. We had tried to watch it back in the day and couldn't really understand why anyone would like this. This was back in the first season of the show when the show was trying to figure out what it was and seemed to have this "after school show" feeling to it.

We laughed how this episode felt like a soap opera for the younger generation and decided to just keep watching for the fun of it. As we tried to make fun of this geek show, we realized we were no longer really talking and just watching. Let's just say from there, we watched every episode (to the point I made Tuesday night a conflict on band rehearsals) and watched marathon's attempting to catch up. Luckily, DVD's of TV shows are popular and for the next few years I received seasons of Buffy for holidays and birthdays.

Granted, I had a very small knowledge of Joss through "Aliens: Resurrection". I know he was not happy with the final outcome of said movie. And, I may just be one person in this, but it is one of my favorite in the series, since the first Alien, for the dialogue alone.

So this evening was a surprise hit and good time for me for...

These women reminded me of my love of this man's story telling. I was one of the few that tried to watch Firefly the way Fox aired (or more to the point, eh-hum, raped it) on television and wrote a letter to the network telling them they were, in so many words, killing art in it's finest form. (Granted I am a geek and a space western is pretty much where I peak. Awesome.)

They reminded me that I am not the only one who came to Joss, as a late fan. But still love his work all the same as those that were on the sidelines from the beginning singing his praises.

They reminded me that he was one of prevalent writers in the writers strike, fighting for the rights and still attempting to do his art, for art sake with "Doctor Horrible's Sing A long Blog".

They reminded me that he is a fighter for women's rights, not only in his writing of some of the ultimate heroine's and female characters, but in his support of Equality Now.

If you are a Joss Whedon fan, I really think you will like this book. From what I heard, it really brings a nostalgic feeling and new found love and a camaraderie to his work that I had forgotten existed.

Thank you gals and guys a like for celebrating a writer and a fan.

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