Friday, September 15, 2006

I Have A Blog

So, wanting to post on my husband's blog, I had to create a username and password and therefore, create an account.

I have officially done something I told myself I would never do...

Have a freakin' blog.

But, when thinking about it - my husband is on tour (because he is so talented and wonderful and this is something that should have come his way many years ago - the man should be famous and wanted by artists and people the world over - OK I am a little biased).

So, husband on tour. He is writing a blog dedicated to being on tour so that people that are going on tour will have some sort of reference when deciding should they leave the comforts of their home to go star tripping for months at a time. Because, believe it or not, there really isn't a lot out there for actors embarking on a tour. What a market! Why hasn't some hack written a book on this and raking in the money. Well, if you are thinking of doing it now you tired old hack - step back - this is our territory now.

OK, I digress again - this is why I never wanted a blog. This is what my diary looked like as well - nonsequiter after nonsequiter. So, again, husband writing blog about being on tour - why not have someone write from the person's perspective of being at home - the significant other left behind. For a lot of actors out there, this is a deal breaker. I know that when Scot and I were first dating, I turned down a tour because I didn't think our relationship could handle it at the time. Now, marriage, partnership established, things are a tad easier. Or at least I thought.

Scot and I have been away from each other, since the dating days, no more than 3 weeks. Now, it has been almost 2 months. We have had two weekends of bliss together, but now, we won't be seeing each other again until Nov. 17 or so. Our 6 year anniversary being Nov. 18. That's a long time.

I have also just graduated from NYU with my Master's of Arts in Educational Theatre. Scot, up until then, had been doing a lot of the administrative work of our relationship. Bills, etc. Now, that, plus the normal cleaning up, plus, the only one looking after the cat (those little guys are a handful), falls in my lap.

So, I hope over the next few months, I can give the perspective of what happens while being away on tour. From the perspective of the left behind.

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