Friday, March 16, 2007

It's My Birthday!!!!

It doesn't matter what is going on in my life - I am always excited about my birthday. Not sure why. I know a lot of people, when bad things are going on in their lives, their birthdays come around and they crawl into their shells. And, as we good friends should do, pull them out, kicking and screaming to say, "Come On - It's Your Birthday - Let's Party!" Then again, it could be the inner alcoholic who is just needing a reason to go out for a drink. I hope it is the first one.

I usually am counting down my birthday for days, sometimes weeks. This year however, I only counted down the last few hours. This is actually going to be a hard birthday for me. I hope to be able to write about what all that entails soon, but not quite yet.

But, back to my birthday. So, today, I am concentrating on the excitement of my birthday and being born (I mean, come one, think about it. Being in a warm safe place for 9 months, then all of the sudden being jettisoned in the dark down a long tube and squeezed out. For a horror movie buff and roller coaster junkie - that sounds pretty darn exciting). And, at 4:25pm today, EST (I had to do a lot of math, b/c I was born in NM and it was not day light savings time) I will be letting out a large squeal in celebration of the time my little head came out and screamed at the world.

And, just for jollies here is my horoscope for today. May all of you have a wonderful day and you should b/c - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!

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Today's Outlook for Friday March 16, 2007
The intelligent Aquarius Moon joins dreamy Neptune while highlighting an exact trine between expansive Jupiter and constrictive Saturn, a great time to set realistic goals. Today's second configuration involves Mercury supporting a passionate Venus-Pluto trine, giving us the ability to talk about our deepest desires. Together, these two separate powerful planetary pictures indicate an important day, but it's up to us to turn it into something special.

Today for Pisces:
Your intuition can get you out of a difficult place today, for you will simply know what to do as long as you don't try to figure out the source of your knowledge. This is not about book learning, nor is it about facts. Somehow you are receiving vital information directly off the airwaves, as if you were a radio tuned to a station that's broadcasting the answers. Listen carefully and act without questioning.


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