Friday, May 04, 2007

More Music Please

Sorry I haven't had any original posts in the past few. This of course is not really original, but trying to get into the habit of blogging more - for the 3 or so people that read this. Hopefully making your work days more interesting - or at least - a good time waster.

I have been making lists of songs that have stuck out over the past few. I stopped a couple of weeks ago because I knew I would not get to blog for awhile. The show, the work and the general exhaustion has left me a little brain dead.

And, speaking of shows - to those who were involved or those of you that came out to see the Suburban Peepshow - Thank You! Thank you for everything! The show went very well and admist the craziness, I really had an awesome time. More news and updates on what is coming up from Nosedive Central soon.

And, I still have a posting I want to do about Trailers - the art and draw of them. And, how much I am noticing the theme running around in other forms (the fake trailers for Grindhouse and recently Doonesberry is running a Trailer for upcoming strips).

But, on with music (unfortunately, didn't get to research a lot of the newer bands here - sorry - hope you can try and listen to some - some you have definitely already heard):
New Order - "Blue Monday" (and of course, it was on a monday. upbeat, fun, song, brings back memories of an awesome church trip I took to Missouri where someone actually gave me their new order tape.)
Cold Play - "Shiver" (i have liked cold play's songs, but haven't loved them. kind of sad bastard music. but, this one was really well produced and musically beautiful. it is from an older album i believe.)
Tear for Fears - "Seeds of Love" (wow! the production on this is amazing. so many layers. i forgot how good this song was. of course, not that this is from that album, but anything from the big chair is awesome and amazing. makes me wanna go back and listen to the other album - yes, i am forgetting the title. :P)
The Feeling - "Never Be Lonely" (bitter sweet song about couples and the ins and outs, but at least they will never be lonely. i like it cause he says "they can bloody well try it". i like me some english folks.)

That's it for now, I had A LOT more songs written down, but can't remember why I really liked them. But, I had been writing them down for a couple of weeks now. And, we just closed a show. And, I was brain dead. But, I'm back folks!

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