Friday, May 18, 2007

I should be blogging about something else....

But, the photo below just made me laugh. A friend of mine at work directed me to the site: This is taken directly from their site:

" is a collection of sites dedicated to females in mainstream comics. Our goals are to foster an attentive, empowered audience community and to encourage respect and high-quality character depiction within the industry."

Which I think is a great idea. Having not read comics obsessively for 15 years or so now, I don't really know what that world is like. I had hoped better. And, in some instances, it is. There are more female super heroes. But, after a brief history lesson, I was told that things are pretty much the same in that vein.

I am not going to get into my views here. I actually should do some more work and actually catch up on some of my friends' blogs as well. I will say, that yes, misogynistic work in comics is still mainstream. Does it bother me, a lot. No, not really. But, I can see when you are a huge fan and female and it gets shoved down your throat on a daily basis, how it could become enraging.

So, anyway, I decided to click on an article about the new statuette from Marvel depicting Mary Jane doing her husband, Spiderman's, laundry. Of course, his super suit. Just take a look at this:

Uh, wow.

1st off, you would never lean over like that to put laundry in a basket. I don't care how sexy you are. Come on people!
2nd, doesn't the way they have shaped her stomach and her pink thong (I had to read the article to figure that it was indeed a thong) make it look like there is something wrong with her hips and torso?
3rd, that is just not Mary Jane.

After reading the article, I was glad to see that other people were also not just upset (of course), but also did not think this was an adequate representation of the character.

However, the piece has sold out.

And, in closing comments - when I did go to the article, the advertisement to the right, was for Breast Cancer Awareness. Do with that what you will.

Hopefully more interesting stuff soon - although, this at least got a laugh for me.