Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'm Angry....

I just wanted to blog for a second about a friend of mine who, on her blog, got attacked by a posting nut.

Now, some of her other friends have chimed in (including myself) and this retarded little dwarf had the audacity to then personally attack the people who were telling him to knock it off. Some things were little jabs, some were down right personal and mean. I don't believe he even knows who he is talking to. Very dangerous.

I believe I know who this is. Not someone who is a close friend or even a friend by any stretch of the imagination, but an acquaintance of Virtual Catnip.

I believe we all have a right to an opinion and should express them. But, personal attacks on people, on their blog that having nothing to do with the posting, is down right cowardly.

I would like this said person to come up to my face and say what he said. Please. I beg you.


Courtney said...

Eh. He's just mad because she wasn't interested in him. In fact, he probably hasn't had a girl interested in him since...well, ever. Pent up cum, ladies. Goes rancid in a rancid man. Not our fault he's a skeevy loser who can't even spell his own name well enough to publish it.

Cat* said...

As I said - I have pertinent info which you ladies are both more than welcome to abuse if you want it