Thursday, December 27, 2007

Put Mom On A Plane

My mom came up this year for Christmas - landing on December 15 to see me in A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol and staying with me until today.

When my parents would visit in the past, it was always so wonderful to have them around, but a bit of a relief when they would leave. Things could go back to status quot, etc.

So, when I dropped my mom off today, I thought it would be a relief. But, it was the first time I walked away and cried. I believe one factor was that she was traveling alone and that made me very sad. The other was, she was such a joy to have around and I love my mother unconditionally, so much. I mean, how do you put into words, if you have it, the love for the woman that gave you life? For me, being adopted, this was the woman that decided to take care of me and raise me as her own. Both of my parents. This was a conscious decision. So, to say goodbye, watch her walk away, was heartbreaking. I now wish she could have stayed longer.

It was also awesome to be able to introduce my mom to my family here in New York. My parents usually came around when everyone was away on vacation. This time, I had the opportunity to introduce my mom to (as many as I could) special people of my life. All the dinners and times out with my friends, she really enjoyed.

There were a few moments of frustration on both parts. But even after having to buy a $4 metrocard because of miss-swipes, she still trudged on and seemed to have a good time. And, a break. And, rest.

Out of all the stories and all the things that happened - this was probably my most embarrassing/funniest things I remember one of my friends saying.

Mom: "Stephie, don't you drink too much. I want you to be able to stay awake on the subway ride home."

Leslie: "Oh Janie, if there is one thing you don't have to worry about is when Stephanie drinks."

Aw memories. :)

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