Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Worst Blogger Ever - OK, Maybe Not the Worst, But...

So, I had one more post about death and dying that I have been working on (well on and off) for a couple of weeks now. Granted, this does not mean it will be this polished, beautifully poised, grammatically spectacular post. It will be my usual disjointed, stream of conscious self. Hopefully with just a better outline.

I wouldn't want to disappoint all 5 of my readers. :)

But, with the holiday seasons, I thought a post on DEATH, would be a little morbid, if not inappropriate. Although, I am sometimes for the inappropriate, this isn't the kind I like to go for. It isn't sexy. Not the way it should be - to quote some Boogie Nights there.

And, with the show ("A Very Nosedive Christmas Carol") coming to a close, I let out the collective sigh of relief. Nosedive has produced, since September, 5 or 6 shows? Two mainstage - at least 3 or 4 shorter works. Although I was not involved as much with the shorter works, they were always on the radar and attended-when not in a show. So, my life has not been my own. So, it has been nice to go - Ah, I don't have to think about theatre for a bit.

Which, by the way, I have never, ever said out loud or written ever.

Yup, folks, I am officially burned out. This year, along with all the Theatre I have done, has taken it's toll. I want a break! So, I am looking forward to enjoying some quiet time with a book (or a blog when I am at work) and a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa.

Although, there are 3 foibles in this delicious plan. My mom, the holidays and friends coming up for New Years. Maybe more challenges than foibles. I love having my mom here. It is good to get her away from the house that has been causing her some grief. And it gives her a break from all the people. I know that sounds weird - the all the people part. But, my mom has not had a break since the funeral. Maybe, at the most - 2 or 3 days where no one has called or come over. I am happy to report that she is sleeping through the night and enjoying the quiet time at the house.

Holidays - this is the first year, I think since I was young or maybe teenage/college years, where I have gotten an extreme case of the Holiday Blues. I can bullet point/laundry list the reasons I have come up with why I feel this way, but really, why bother. Those that know me, you can probably figure it out. So, I am planning a tradition I used to have - read a Stephen King book for the holidays. I am picking back up the Dark Tower series and getting back to it. I am on book 2. And, at about 10pm each night that I am home, I will just pick up my book and begin to read. I tried this last night with my comic book. My mom chatted a bit, then got a book of her own. It was lovely.

Friends coming up for New Years - a friend of mine, since I was about 15 or so, is coming up with her boyfriend for New Years. I will admit, I was kind of hoping it would just be her. Then we could run around with my friends, have girls night out sort of adventures. But, alas, for her to be able to come up here, she needed cheap tickets and her boyfriend could do that for her. But, I can still attempt to have some quiet time by letting them go out and adventure on their own. And, since there are 2 of them, they can entertain each other. I don't need to entertain the whole time. I am really interested in seeing what my New Year's will be like this year. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it is at least moderately good. A 5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. That would be nice.

Look forward to posting - hopefully a lot more in 2008. I at least need to do a wrap up of 2007 and a look into my 2008. Would you like that? If not, let me know. :)

And, I just wanted to say - Happy Holidays. Here's to you!

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Courtney said...

God bless you, every bit....