Thursday, November 06, 2008

Memed Again!!

Well crap - Memed again! Actually, there was a point in time where I was getting memes left and right - some repeated. I ignored them. I'm a bad person sometimes.

But, this will help get the writing juices flowing so here goes:
"Seven Strange Things," in which I'm required to list, well, seven strange things about myself. This is from Mr. James Comtois.

1. I have been growing a section of hair and braiding it for over 15 years now. Those of you who know me, know this isn't that strange. But, to hairdressers and people I work with, it is incredibly strange. And when I say I started growing it in _______ school, people are even more astonished. And, I re-braided it about once a week.

2. I am pre-mature gray and got my first silver-gray hairs when I was 15. Yes, I am a silver fox. Down boys, down.

3. I was born in this country and adopted. Again, not that strange except for 2 things. One - who adopts children in America anymore - most of them are from Russia and China. And, I look a lot like my mom, especially the pictures where I have glasses. It is pretty uncanny.

4. I have never had to purchase a personal music device (i.e. walkman/Ipod) That's right kids. I just now realized this. My first "walkman", my dad, who was Assistant Principal of the High School, had taken one away from a kid and told him he could come and pick it up at the end of the year - the kid never did - he gave it to me. Since then I have either got them as gifts, prizes, found in grocery stores and never claimed, and most recently, got my pops's Ipod.

5. I once tried to teach kittens how to swim. When I was very young: 3 or 4 years old, I decided that my cousin's kittens wanted to be in the backyard pool that was about 2-3 ft deep and I would teach them how to swim. So, I put about 5 kittens in the pool and believe it or not, cats can swim! Seeing that they were strong swimmers, I, upon seeing something shiny, left the swimming, crying kittens in the pool. Fortunately, they were meowing loud enough that the whole household came out and got the kittens out of the pool. I was then told that cats and kittens don't like water. I don't know if that is something strange about me or just a strange situation.

6. I wore an eyepatch on and off for a few years. I had Amblyopia or lazy eye when I was born. They were trying a new method on me and covered the strong eye with an eye-patch which consisted of masking tape over the glass part of my glasses. Low and behold, the "lazy" eye got to work and the treatment succeeded. I was even told by an eye doctor that I shouldn't even tell doctor's that I had Amblyopia- there is no trace of it. And, that was a pretty amazing feat.

7. I used to think the I was the Greatest American Hero Sorry, I was running out of things and just thought of this. My friend and I used to play like we were of course the beloved character played by Mr. William Katt in the aforementioned TV show - the female versions. For many years I waited for my super hero suit from above. Alas, it never arrived.

OK - I am sure there are way more juicier strange things that are ME, but you are just going to have to buy me a beer and try to get them out of me.

And, do you want to try this - it's fun. If you do, post your link to your blog or put them in my comments.

"Believe it of not..I'm walking on air..."

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