Thursday, December 31, 2009

Better Luck Next Year?

I did say I was going to post more about self producing didn't I? Darn it. Well, I can get back to that. Then again, that is pretty much what I have said all year - 'more on that later', 'stay tuned next time', 'part 2 in next post'. Some I followed through on, but most I did not. I am sorry readers.

And, I have been really bad about posting. Again, I apologize.

However, there are tons of other blogs out there for you to read, so I am sure you didn't notice at this little corner of blogsphere my tardiness in posting. Anything. At all.

So, I decided to finish out this year with the broken promises of posts past and only hope I can get better next year:

"And, I hope to have some pictures up soon from Christmas."
"I have so many posts in draft form that I need to do. I will have them up soon."
My update that part one went up in August. The other, September.
And, last but not least: My Journey into producing - that I never finished.

So, when it comes to this blog for 2009, I guess a lot of it was unfinished works. And, my posting once a week also went out with the bathwater. And, the baby.

Hmmm. Well, let's see what next year brings. I know 2 things I want to do. Finish up my notes on the self-producing end and my Canada trip. Hopefully I can post those before February. :)

Hope your 2010 is bright.

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