Friday, January 08, 2010

My Life With the Thrill Kill....

no, not really. But, I did get your attention didn't I?

Here is my first attempt at blogging once a week (or once a month) as I promised myself. This, like everyone's more gym/eat better/drink less/quit smoking resolutions, will probably only last 1 to 2 months. But, here's hoping.

Now, one topic I promised was to continue to take you on my journey of self producing which seems to be a topic that is going around. Check out Jamespeak and all his subsequent links to the same topic.

Like I had said in a previous post - I have done this with training wheels on incorporation with Nosedive and St. Luke's Gingerbread Players. This time, except for the need to use Nosedive's name for little clerical things, I was going in head first, start to finish, my own project. I am now going to share some brief tidbits of mostly my feelings, some notes, over the course of time it took from creation to performance. Cause, as I said above, you can check out the nuts and bolts of self producing above and I am hopefully going to publish my Independent Producing book on my blog in the next few.

March: Began really thinking about my zombie piece and while walking to a friend's apartment in Astoria, "Come Alive" by the Foo Fighters came on my Ipod. An idea began to take form. It's a bit of a walk, so I just kept repeating the song until the scene took complete form. This is the scene where I introduce my heroine. I figure out there is going to be a heroine.

March/April: While beginning pre-production work on Infectious Opportunity, I keep thinking about my piece. I get wind of the "Fight Fest" that will be happening sometime in December. The scene I came up with was mostly fight. I decide to enter.

However, the whole thing is still in my head. Over the next weeks I attempt to get this little scene down on paper. I finally sit down to write it. With a glass of whiskey. The idea that no one will like it or understand it looms over my head the whole time. I get it done, I send it out to some friends, they come back with minor changes. I'm done.

Next, because this is a festival, I have to fill out an application and, uh-oh, send in a representation of my work. All the things I have directed have never made it to video. Except Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and this is Fight Fest, so I don't think that is going to do. I get Pete to give me the only copy we have left of the Blood Brother's videos that does have some pieces I help create and direct. It gets sent off.

May/June: ....still waiting to see if I got in. The fear and fretting begins to build. I begin to believe that the whole thing is a catch 22 - if I don't get in, it will be really sad, but I will just go on with writing the darn thing without a "test" scene. If I do get in, will I be able to pull off my vision and will people get it.

More later...

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