Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Thankful Thanksgiving

So, for awhile there, my husband was not sure if the tour was going to Las Vegas, which was over the weekend of our Anniversary. It would have been the first anniversary that we would have been apart from each other (This is our sixth year of marriage). But, wishing and praying, the tour stayed it's course and we were able to meet up. We got to spend time together and got to meet our new niece, Caitlan Rose. We also got to see each other again at his parent's house for Thanksgiving, where he got to stay with me and his family for two nights. Four wonderful nights in total. So, instead of a whole bunch of writing, I thought I would just post some pics of the week.

Anniversary night consisted of going to the top of the Strastosphere then enjoying a show and a night out drinking with Katie and Ashley in the New York, NY Casino. Check out Katie's blog. I am sure she will have pics up of that weekend soon.

Our first time holding the new cuddle of joy.

Yes, everyone is looking at Caitlin.

He now has only four more weeks. And, hopefully, one weekend, he will get to come back to NY to stay for a couple of nights, in his own bed. Aw, bliss.


Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

So good to see that crazy boy! I miss him -- not as much as you miss him, of course, but I do.

Thank God it's almost done, right?

Goose said...

Absolutely! I need it done now! This has been too crazy.

Crazy boy needs to be home!